The NLRC has 11 rooms with 15 beds available (with communal showers) for members / guests. 
The facilities provides convenience for local / out of town members alike to ensure optimal use of time for social, travel and shooting arrangements.

If you would like to book accommodation, please contact the Steward either by email or telephone. If leaving a message on the answer machine, please leave contact details so he can get back to you.
Landline: 01483 473117

Costs per night are:
£34.00    Members
£37.00    Members' Guest: 
£38.00    Visitors
U25s Members receive a 50% discount on accommodation
Certain “debenture holders” have preferential access to accommodation / rooms during the year.
There is therefore limited availability during key events and/or the Imperial meeting, so to avoid disappointment please book early.