A large, fully secured and alarmed armoury is available to full members. 
Access is controlled by Security FOBs and Individual Security Codes.
The armoury is alarmed, and access normally limited to between 07:00 and 19:00.
It provides an ideal place to clean rifles and prepare for the next events.
Individual secured lockers are available at a modest additional annual fee, allowing members to store equipment, rifles and ammunition in a controlled environment.
All users of the armoury should note that they are responsible for insuring any property of theirs stored in the gunroom. It is not covered by the club.

Drying Room
The NLRC has invested in a special drying-out building that assists members in drying out their clothing. 
This is invaluable if we have “challenging” weather.

Reloading Room
The club has a full reloading suite. If you'd like to learn how to reload, or would like to enquire about its usage and cost, please contact or This Room, a few yards from the main ranges, makes the task of developing an excellent load much quicker. Training in reloading is available to help. Photos of the facilities are below: