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Individual Fixtures 2018
Date    Duration Event Course of fire Notes
Sun 20th May AM Chairman's Prize 300x Morning of SLRC match
1st - 2nd September 2 Days TR Open Club Championships 300, 500, 600, 900 & 1,000x
Sat 1st December AM Wappenschaw 600x Club Guest day

Team Fixtures 2018
Date    Duration Opposition Course of fire Notes
Sun 8th April All Day ATRC & CURA Empire Match  
Sat 21st April All Day Surrey Empire Match  
Sun 22nd April AM CURA 300 & 600x  
Sat 12th May All Day HAC Empire Match  
Sun 20th May PM SLRC & OURC 300, 500 & 600x  
Sat 2nd June All Day City RC & RNTRC Empire Match  
Sun 3rd June All Day    Surrey Empire Match  
Sat 9th June All Day LMRA Empire Match  
Fri 13th July PM Overseas Teams 900 & 1,000x  
Sat 4th Aug All Day Bisley Clubs Match 300, 600 & 900x  
Sun 11th Aug All Day Catastrophy Match 900, 1,000 & 1,100x  
Sat 20th Oct All Day RAFTRC Empire Match