Welcome to the NLRC Training Department, where we can offer a comprehensive selection of courses delivered by a very experienced team around the subject of full-bore target shooting.

Our courses range from the skills for each of our three primary disciplines, through to team shooting and wind reading. We offer probationer training which takes those new to shooting through to being able to shoot safely without supervision and therefore meet the standard necessary to hold a Shooter's Certification Card. These Cards can be issued by the NLRC on behalf of the NRA. In addition to shooting skills, we offer training in reloading of ammunition, an increasingly popular adjunct to shooting, and essential for some shooting disciplines. Competent reloaders can use the NLRC's well-equipped Reloading Room for a small annual fee. See more details under the Facilities tab.

Courses can be arranged on an individual or group basis.

Please click on the 'Courses' link/button for a more detailed view of the courses on offer. The training combines the theoretical side in the classroom as well as the practical side out on the ranges at Bisley.  

Please feel free to contact our Training Officer at training@nlrc.org for more details and to discuss your needs.


The NLRC will provide tuition on a group and one-on-one basis to any member that desires development. 
Under the mentorship and guidance of the experienced cadre you can rapidly develop and improve.

Several schools routinely use NLRC as base at Bisley (facilities, rooms, food etc):
Bradfield College CCF
Framlingham College CCF
Wellington College CCF
Gresham’s School CCF

Coaches for and training of cadets is undertaken by volunteer members of the NLRC .

The NLRC bar is made available to the guest officers as well as the assisting members.