NLRC Courses

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Probationary Training
Delivered in two parts (theory and practical), this course covers the content of the NRA Probationers' Course. Successful participants can become full shooting members of the NLRC and the club will apply on their behalf to the NRA for a Shooter Certification Card.

Hand Loading Ammunition
The NLRC has the finest reloading facility on Bisley Camp. One day reloading training courses are available to members. Access to the reloading facility is also available to experienced reloaders on completion of a walk-through of the facility for familiarisation with the kit.

Shooting Disciplines Skills
Take the steps to progress to the next level in your chosen disciplines, whether that be Target Rifle, Match Rifle or F-Class. Our vastly experienced coaches will identify and attempt to eliminate any previously learned bad habits/techniques and pass on the techniques that have taken shooters to success at the elite level of the sport. These courses are held over 2 days and conducted both in the classroom at the clubhouse and out on the ranges. 

Wind Reading
Learn from some of the best wind readers/coaches in the world, who will pass on their experiences on what is considered to a merging of a weird science and a dark art!  The first day of the wind reading course consists of an afternoon classroom session, followed by a range walk. The second day is spent out on the ranges, working in pairs, supported by the coaches to observe the conditions that affect the flight of the bullet.

Shooting Position Clinic
Struggling to be consistent, firing too many unexplained bad shots? Let us assess your shooting position and make improvements to restore your confidence and scores.

Team Shooting
Being part of a team and working with your team mates makes such a difference to the success of the team. The result is very much greater than the sum of the individual elements. Come and find out from our coaches that team shooting is so much more than the mathematical exercise of adding up the scores at the end of the competition. This is a one day course and combines classroom and range exercises.

Introduction to Individual Competitive shooting
Have you considered entering one of the major competitions such as the NLRC Club Championship, the NRA Easter meeting or even the Imperial Meeting, but are afraid to do so?  Have no fear, the NLRC training Dept. offers a short classroom based course that introduces all of the processes and procedures that make up these competitions.

Touring Teams Overseas
Are you about to embark on your first overseas team tour, but not sure what to expect? Our highly experienced team will guide you through all of the aspects from packing the right kit, getting your rifles through the airports successfully, to competing on a new range in another country. This course consists of a half day in the classroom.