GR/MLP/McQueen Castle Fixtures

Gallery Rifle/MLP and McQueen Castle fixtures for 2021

Sunday morning 18 April McQueen 300x Century

Saturday afternoon 8 May GR/MLP Winans A

Saturday afternoon 5 June GR/MLP Melville

Sunday morning 20 June McQueen and any rifle 300x Century

Saturday afternoon 31 July McQueen 300x Century (with F Class alongside)

Saturday afternoon 21 August GR/MLP Melville

Saturday all day 28 August Summer Guest Day Melville and McQueen 300x Century

Sunday afternoon 19 September McQueen and any rifle 200x Short Siberia

Sunday afternoon 3 October GR/MLP Cheylesmore B 25x

Saturday afternoon 13 November GR/MLP Melville

Saturday morning 4 December GR/MLP Melville (Wappenshaw and Christmas Shoot) Guest Day