NLRC news email number 49 – 30.6.19


If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to or a text or call on 07475 080896. I would love to hear from you.


From our Stewards:

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making us feel so welcome since our arrival in May.

We look forward to the Imperial meeting and hope you enjoy dining with us over the period.

All lunch and dinner menus will be available on a programme in the clubhouse.

We are wishing you all a happy 150th Imperial meeting this year and we are delighted we can celebrate this with you.

From your Club Stewards Alison and Martin.


Imperial Meeting auction

As previously advertised, we are planning to hold a sale of items during the Imperial for the benefit of the club. Several members have made generous donations, including a couple of days hind stalking in Scotland, but proposals for more items would be very helpful.


Chiller in the Bar

The Stewards have installed a chilled cabinet in the Bar for sandwiches, baguettes, salads, cakes etc. This will allow a far wider range of cold food and ensure the food stays cool in the (hopefully) good weather.


Birmingham Bisley

An NLRC team of Michael Cooper, Lindsay Peden and James Bullock won the Goodman Trophy - an aggregate of the 3 shoots 1.6.19 in the Birmingham Bisley. Congratulations to them!


Imperial 150 match

It is Ben Craig’s, our TR Captain, intention to enter teams into the Imperial 150 match, to be held on Second Thursday (25th July). The course of fire will be 2+15@9/10 and 2+10@3/5/6.

If you are interested in representing the club in this match, please let Ben know ASAP; in doing so, can you also please confirm your TR class? This match clashes with the America match, and so your availability may be curtailed by being selected for your country. If there's a possibility of this, please indicate in your message.


Electricity dispute

You will remember that the club has been concerned that the NRA, which supplies electricity to the clubhouse, may have been charging the club more for electricity than is permitted by the terms of our lease.

The club’s solicitors wrote to the NRA asking that they disclose their justification for the charges that they have made in recent years. The letter made clear that if this information is not made available, the club will make an application to the court for “pre-action disclosure”. If that happens and the application is successful, the NRA will be obliged by the court to disclose the information.

Following discussion at the club’s Committee meeting, we have instructed our solicitors to start the process of applying to court to compel the NRA to provide the information needed to allow us to understand what has been happening.


Other upcoming events

Summer Guest Day on Saturday 17th August – Gallery Rifle, open range and McQueen shoots and BBQ in the evening. Please put it in your diary and think about bringing friends and/or family members. Entry details shortly!


Stewards’ availability

The club land line had a fault. It has now been fixed.

The Stewards will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. Their contact details are: The club ‘phone number remains 01483 473117.

The club ‘phone is in the Committee Room but the Stewards have a wireless handset. In any case, there is an answerphone capability. If you leave a message, please be sure you say enough to identify yourself clearly “It’s Paul, ring me” probably won’t work! The Stewards aim to respond to emails and to messages left on the answer machine within one normal working day.


NLRC Sportswear with Club Logo

The Webshop for club sportswear with the NLRC logo is:


Clubhouse and outside facility opening

The clubhouse will be open each weekend in the season. It will be unlocked at 0700 and locked again at 2300 Saturdays and 1900 Sundays. Saturday and Sunday breakfast is available from 0700 to 0830 and lunch will be available from the bar from 1200 to 1400. When the club is not booked in the evenings for dinner functions, we will be offering reasonably priced bar meals on Saturday nights.

The Reloading Room is open at any time to those with their key fob access enabled in the system. The lavatory and drying room in the same building are also open at any time. The door code is 45123. I understand a few people have had difficulties with this. The way to work the key pad is: turn the knob anticlockwise, release it, press the door code, turn the knob clockwise and push the door to open it.

Clubhouse accommodation is available as usual by prior arrangement.

If you are planning a birthday party or similar or your business wants a corporate day, please consider the North – the Stewards will be delighted to hear from you.


Gunroom access

The Gunroom is available to members with fob access from 0700 to 1900 every day, including Mondays and Tuesdays. However, on request, it may be possible to reset the fob system to allow someone access after 1900 if there is a particular reason on a particular day. Please contact the Stewards in the first instance, giving at least 3 days clear notice.





Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman



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