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If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to or a text or call on 07475 080896. I would love to hear from you.



The next members’ working party day will be on Saturday/Sunday 22/23 September. Contact Guy Larcombe on if you can come or want to know more. By the end of October the club must complete the dilapidations identified by the NRA’s surveyor. Time is now running short.

Volunteers working on both days will be entered in a draw and the winner will enjoy a reduction of up to £50 in his/her 2019 subscription.

Volunteers working at least one session each day will be entitled to free overnight accommodation (space permitting). The club will provide the usual sustenance for volunteers.

Priority work list (depending on weather):

pressure wash brickwork below verandah (do you have a suitably beefy pressure washer?)

repair brickwork pointing etc below verandah benches and around steps and at side of Ladies Lounge

renovate and re-paint brickwork either side of external steps down to gunroom

re-paint inside of Bar French Window and around radiator

re-hang Ladies loo door

fix holes in cubicles corridor ceiling and gunroom ceiling

re-paint frames of windows above French windows on verandah and in dining room

complete re-painting walls in gunroom

repair brickwork around metal vents to gunroom.

If you can’t make it in person, please consider sponsoring a painter if you haven’t already done so: £120 to cover what it would cost the club to pay a painter for the day.


Imperial, Club Championships and GB tour to Canada

Congratulations to:

  • Alex Hunter for his victory in the Duke of Cambridge, and Jamie Allum's tie shoot win in the Lovell

  • Lindsay Peden for winning the Club Championship

  • Nigel Ball, Derek Lowe, Martin Townsend and John Webster of the GBRT tour to Canada and in particular Derek who won the Ontario Grand and Lieutenant Governors

  • Ed Atkins, James Dixon, Hugo Donovan and Jemima Hince who were part of the Athelings and in particular to Jemima for winning the Canadian Cadet championships and Hugo who was top cadet in the DCRA Grand.


Sale of signed, limited edition print

A member of the NLRC kindly offered the club the opportunity to sell a limited edition print of a match at Bisley with the proceeds going to club funds. It was sold during the Imperial Meeting to a member for £5,000. The buyer wishes to remain anonymous, but I can say that he/she had been planning to make a donation to the club and the sale of the print offered a good opportunity. This is, of course, an extremely generous donation and we are all greatly indebted.



The Wappenshaw will be on Saturday 1st December with shoots in the morning for members and guests at 600x and on Winans A followed by a Christmas lunch for members and their families.


Clubhouse opening

The clubhouse will be open each weekend in the season. It will be unlocked at 0700 and locked again at 2300 Saturdays and 1900 Sundays. Saturday and Sunday breakfast is available from 0700 to 0830 and lunch will be available from the bar from 1200 to 1400. When the club is not booked in the evenings for dinner functions, we will be offering reasonably priced bar meals on Saturday nights.

For formal dinners, please contact the Steward to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you are planning a birthday party or similar or your business wants a corporate day, please consider the North – the Steward will be delighted to hear from you.


Gunroom access

The Gunroom is available to members with fob access from 0700 to 1900 every day, including Mondays and Tuesdays. However, on request, it may be possible to reset the fob system to allow someone access after 1900 if there is a particular reason on a particular day. Please contact the Steward in the first instance, giving at least 3 days clear notice.


Steward’s availability

The Steward will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. His contact details are: The club ‘phone number remains 01483 473117.

The Steward aims to respond to an email within one normal working day. The club ‘phone is in the Committee Room but the Steward now has a wireless handset. In any case, there is an answerphone capability. If you leave a message, please be sure you say enough to identify yourself clearly “It’s Paul, ring me” probably won’t work! The Steward aims to respond to messages left on the answer machine within one normal working day.



Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman



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