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NLRC news email number 62 – 27.5.20


If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to or a text or call on 07475 080896. I would love to hear from you.

NRA matters

****Email or paper ballot papers for NRA General Council elections have now been issued to relevant NRA members. General Council consists of about 70 people some of whom are elected by the NRA members. GC appoints the NRA Chairman and Trustees and therefore sets the tone for how the NRA is managed. Two NLRC members are standing for election this year: Silke Lohmann and Guy Blakeney. I commend these candidates to you. Getting and keeping committed and knowledgeable volunteers like Guy and Silke onto GC is key to ensuring that the NRA is well run. Outside the North, David Crispin, the Surrey’s chairman, is also standing and has historically been supportive of a fair deal for Bisley clubs.***

The NRA AGM will be held electronically at 6pm on 30th May. Those eligible to take part should have received information and there are details on the NRA website.

The NRA has started allowing some open range civilian shooting once more at weekends only. Open range electronic targets are available: 5 each at 100, 300, 900 and 1,000 yards and 10 at 600 yards. Each target is bookable for one hour at a time for one named shooter only. See the NRA website for details:

If any member who is not also a member of the NRA wishes to shoot, the club will seek to book a slot for them. Please contact me with details of when and what you want, preferably with fallback options in case your first choice is unavailable. You will need to pay the club in advance either by an on-line transfer or by having the fee placed on your tab.

Virus issues: cubicle holders and grants

Annual cubicle holders pay a sum each year and in return have the right to use a cubicle bed throughout the year. Cubicle holders usually have this right for a period of three years following a ballot after which the right is re-ballotted. The virus has prevented the club from providing access to cubicles since the start of lockdown and it is not clear when full access can resume. The committee has considered this and takes the view that, depending on how long this remains the case, some form of recognition is due. All annual cubicle holders who have paid their 2020 fees will have their current three year rights extended by one additional year. The committee is keeping the situation under review to see whether other action is appropriate.

The government has made available grants under a scheme called the Small Business Grants Fund. The club applied for a grant and received a payment of £10,000. The club has agreed with its Stewards that Martin will be furloughed for a while and has received the first month’s grant.

Members’ survey (closure on 2016 actions, plans for 2020)

Thank you to everyone who completed the members’ survey. Ashley Abrahams prepared the survey and results analysis – we owe Ashley many thanks! The committee reviewed the results on 23 May. Overall, they show the club in a good position with notably positive views on the new Stewards. There is more to do in some areas, particularly wi-fi and the bar area at the clubhouse. The full report is available to any member who would like to read it (drop me an email). It is 12 pages long and shows the results in graphs with summaries of members’ comments. The committee is determined to act on the issues raised and is putting together an action plan. More to follow soon…

David Friend

I am sorry to report to you that David Friend, a longstanding North member and TR/MR shot of considerable note died on 17th May, a few days after his 86th birthday. David won the Queens Prize in 1977 and was a member of many TR and MR international teams. He won the North’s Match Rifle Cup in 1991, 1999 and 2013. Members report: “he was not only a great character, but an inspiration and all round lovely gent. I will miss the aroma of his pipe behind the firing point at 1200yds. David had an angled scope and, although he shot from the right shoulder, when shooting he always set up the scope to the right hand side by his box.”

Donations to club finances

The “Just Giving” crowd-funding initiative set up by our Stewards, Alison and Martin, will be closing at the end of May. Thank you to everyone who has contributed either via the on line platform or direct to the club. Through your generosity, the appeal has raised about £8,800 so far which will allow the club to make improvements which would in more normal times have been funded from our operating surplus.

Clubhouse opening

From 30th May, the clubhouse will be slightly open each weekend when the NRA has the ranges open. Clubhouse facilities and catering will be available but not yet cubicle accommodation. However, if a member wishes to use a cubicle, please contact the Stewards and every effort will be made to accommodate you subject to social distancing and the need to clean cubicles before use.

If you want the clubhouse loos, please come into the building using the Ladies Lounge door (you will need your fob). Firstly, please look through the windows to check that there is no one else inside. Please follow the signs and use the one way system to get to the loos and back out of the clubhouse.

If you want food during the day, please contact the Stewards by ‘phone, text or email in advance. Bottled and canned drinks can be ordered at the same time as the food and will be available in the same way. You will be given a time to come and collect. The menu and prices are shown on the home page of the NLRC website and on the Facebook page.

Orders can be collected from a station set up on the verandah at the west end beyond the old arch. If there is anyone else collecting ahead of you, please wait socially distanced at the bottom of the old arch steps.

The verandah seating is not available but the benches on the grass are available: please apply the social distancing rules.

Reloading Room

The Reloading Room is open at any time to those with their key fob access enabled in the system. If you plan to use it on a weekday, please let the Stewards know in advance. The lavatory and drying room in the same building are also open at any time. The door code is 45123. I understand a few people have had difficulties with this. The way to work the key pad is: turn the knob anticlockwise, release it, press the door code, turn the knob clockwise and push the door to open it.

There is a limit of one person in the Reloading Room. Before going in, please look through the glass part of the entrance door to check that no one else is in the corridor or visible in any of the rooms. If, once you are in, it becomes clear that someone is already using the Reloading Room, please leave and try later.

Gunroom access

The Gunroom is available to members with fob access from 0700 to 1900 every day, including Mondays and Tuesdays. If you plan to use it on a weekday, please let the Stewards know in advance.

Access and egress is through the outside door only and there is a limit of five members in the Gunroom at any one time. A system is in place to facilitate that. Please apply the social distancing rules.

Stewards’ availability

The Stewards will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. Their contact details are: The club ‘phone number remains 01483 473117.

The club ‘phone is in the Committee Room but the Stewards have a wireless handset. In any case, there is an answerphone capability. If you leave a message, please be sure you say enough to identify yourself clearly. The Stewards aim to respond to emails and to messages left on the answer machine within one normal working day.



Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman

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