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NLRC news email number 64 – 20.7.20

If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to or a text or call on 07475 080896. I would love to hear from you.

Members’ survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the members’ survey. Ashley Abrahams supported by Jamie Allum prepared the survey and results analysis – we owe them many thanks! The committee considered the results at its recent meeting and agreed an action plan. Overall, the results show the club in a good position. There is more to do in some areas, particularly wi-fi and the Bar. The committee is determined to act on the issues raised. The action plan is posted on the website and will be progressed by the committee.


Upcoming events

The 2020 Club TR Championships will be 5-6th September with the championship dinner on the Saturday evening. The championships again includes a concurrent Open competition so please do advertise the event to non-members, or even encourage them to join so they're eligible for the trophies!

Places for both are obviously limited and in the current environment we may find it difficult to extend these at short notice. 26 have been taken already. So please do get your entry in quickly at

If you have any queries then please add them to the Notes field of the entry form, or contact the Captain, Ben Craig, at

Looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

On Saturday 25th July, there is an MR shoot, which is sold out. The Stewards are doing a BBQ in the evening, which is open to all members. If you are interested, please contact the Stewards.

Sadly, owing to the virus, the planned Autumn Guest Day has had to be cancelled.

Club Re-opening Event

The club held a shoot and BBQ on Saturday 11th July to mark the re-opening made possible by the government’s relaxation of the lockdown. About 40 members came along to enjoy the socially-distanced BBQ in the evening. The Stewards have posted photos on the Facebook page. It was lovely to see so many friends.

Bar works

Using some of the funds raised by the recent Crowdfunding, the club is replacing the old counter in the Bar and fitting a roller shutter. Enabling works have been completed by volunteers including Guy Larcombe, Adam Leech, Jamie Allum, Christina Cuming, Elliot Sewell and Jemima Hince. Contractors will fit the counter and shutter, hopefully in time for the NRA Match Rifle mini-Imperial in August. Of course, other than the verandah counter, the Bar is not in use at present because of the virus. Hopefully that will change soon.


Clubhouse opening

Following the government’s announcement about hospitality industry re-opening, the club has reviewed how best to arrange matters so that the clubhouse can re-open properly, if not yet fully as normal.

The clubhouse is open each weekend. That includes Fridays.

Food, drinks, cubicles and loos

The clubhouse is open each weekend for food and drinks including breakfast, lunch and dinner from Friday dinner until and including Sunday lunch.

  1. If you want breakfast or dinner, please contact the Stewards by ‘phone, text or email in advance.

  2. If you want lunch or dinner, please order in advance or come to the Bar counter on the verandah.

  3. The clubhouse is using the 2m social distancing rule including inside the dining hall. Members and guests must adhere to these social distancing rules. Of course, these allow for members of the same household to sit closer together.

  4. Members and guests are welcome to sit, socially distanced, at the benches and tables around the clubhouse on the grass, and on the chairs on the verandah. Drinks and/or food may be consumed in these places.

  5. Members and guests are welcome to sit, socially distanced, in the dining hall. The dining hall chairs are marked to show where people can and sit and where they should not. Food or food and drinks (but not drinks only) may be consumed in the dining hall.

  6. The bar counter that opens onto the verandah is open at lunchtime. Drinks may be bought and collected. Food may be ordered from the same counter but will be delivered to the customer at his/her seat. Payment can be made at the counter by card or tab – please avoid cash and cheques. If you have to wait to be served at the counter, please observe social distancing and queue back towards and down the main clubhouse steps.

  7. The Stewards may ask you for some details and may write them down. This is a requirement on the hospitality industry. It is to allow tracing if anyone who had visited the club subsequently was found to have Covid19. Your information will be held securely for the short time specified by the government and then securely destroyed.

  8. Staff will wear gloves, face masks and/or visors as appropriate.

  9. Members and guests are asked to place their used plates etc in the labelled drop off point provided on the verandah by the dining hall door.

  10. Members and guests requiring the Gents and Ladies are asked to access the clubhouse through the Ladies Lounge door using their fob and then through the Ladies Lounge to the door leading to the cubicle block, and thence into the corridor leading to the Gents and Ladies. Please exercise care when entering the Gents or Ladies and be prepared to back out if there are more people inside than is safe. The way back out is into the Bar and through it and then out again through the main entrance door (or the Ladies Lounge door when the main door is locked).

  11. Members requiring cubicle accommodation should contact the Stewards by email or on the club telephone.

Reloading Room

The Reloading Room, lavatory and drying room in the same building are open. The door code is 45123.

The Reloading Room is open at any time to those with their key fob access enabled in the system. If you plan to use it on a weekday, please let the Stewards know in advance. There is a limit of one person in the Reloading Room. Before going in, please look through the glass part of the entrance door to check that no one else is in the corridor or visible in any of the rooms. If, once you are in, it becomes clear that someone is already using the Reloading Room, please leave and try later.

Gunroom access

The Gunroom is available to members with fob access from 0700 to 1900 every day, including Mondays and Tuesdays. If you plan to use it on a weekday, please let the Stewards know in advance.

Access and egress is through the outside door. Please apply the social distancing rules.

Stewards’ availability

The Stewards will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. Their contact details are: The club ‘phone number remains 01483 473117.

The club ‘phone is in the Committee Room but the Stewards have a wireless handset. In any case, there is an answerphone capability. If you leave a message, please be sure you say enough to identify yourself clearly. The Stewards aim to respond to emails and to messages left on the answer machine within one normal working day.



Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman


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