New Members are welcome

Any club needs constantly to gain new members to sustain and improve itself. NLRC is no different and we welcome members from all walks of life. We need the variety of skills and characters. We are filled to the brim by excellent shooters, brilliant wind coaches, outstanding team managers and frankly the knowledge base and eagerness to transfer said knowledge is second to none! We also have a cast of “characters” that add to the social atmosphere and life of the club! We have many members learning to shoot and developing in their sport - the next crop of county and international shooters.

Click the link below for your application form. Please send completed forms to

Membership Forms Downloadable PDF
Copy of NLRC Application Form V7.pdf

Benefits of Membership

1. Home Office Approved Club status

2. Clubhouse in the centre of Bisley Camp with resident Stewards

3. Accommodation and Facilities

3. Armoury with lockers to hire

4. Reloading facility and training

4. Courses and coaching with top shooters and wind coaches

Member Types and Conditions

There are three types of membership; different criteria apply and may confer different rights / access to club facilities.

Full Shooting Members are entitled to participate in all shooting activities of the club and may make use of all the club's facilities including the armoury, lockers and reloading room. These members pay the full annual subscription rate, subject to the concessions below.

Probationary Shooting Members are those who are new (or returning) to the sport and so do not hold a Firearm Certificate and/or have not received training and full membership status from another club. They are entitled to participate in shooting activities of the club (under the appropriate supervision). A probationary period must last at least 3 months and probationary members must shoot regularly in order to qualify for full membership. The club has a highly experienced membership including qualified coaches and international shots to help train probationary members towards full status, so are ready to welcome new shooters. Probationary members only pay 25% of the full subscription and still have the additional rights of access to club facilities of full members.

Associate Members may not take part in any club sporting activities, and are not allowed access to the armoury or reloading room. Associate Members may make full use of all the other clubhouse facilities. This is our social membership category, and is open to non-shooters and to those who shoot with another club, but wish to be members of NLRC for purely social reasons. Associate Members pay 25% of the full subscription. No other concessions below apply to Social Membership.



Members who live in Isle of Wight, Devon, Dyfed, Gwynedd, Clwyd, Cheshire, South Yorkshire, Humberside or further from Bisley pay 75% of the full subscription.

Over 70

Members aged 70 or more pay 50% of the full subscription.

Under 25

Members aged under 25 pay 50% of the full subscription.


Members aged under 21 or in full time education pay 25% of the full subscription.


Members living abroad (including Northern Ireland, IOM and Channel Islands) pay 25% of the full subscription.

Junior Life

For a one off payment (currently £250) this provides membership up to and including the year in which the member attains the age of 25.


At the discretion of the committee, and for a payment as determined by the committee, this provides membership for the lifetime of the member and no annual membership subscription is payable.

There are also concessions for youngsters from age 8 with their parents/guardian.

Subscription rates are reviewed annually. Please contact the Secretary on for the latest information, however, the current rates are in the link below

The link above enables you to download membership application forms, which must be printed and returned to the club once signed by the applicant, as well as by a proposer and seconder, who must be themselves shooting members.