100 Club

List of Club 100 winners (to date)

Update March 2022 - the 100 Club is running throughout 2022 - details from Treasurer on treasurer@nlrc.org

March 2022 Draw: winner is Alistair Brown

February 2022 Draw: winner is Andy Daw

January 2022 Draw: winner is Ben Wrey

December 2021 Draw: winner is John Horton

November 2021 Draw: winner is Peter Thompson

October 2021 Draw: winner is Christine Dixon

September 2021 Draw: winner is Catherine Lomax

August 2021 Draw: winner is David Bentata

July 2021 Draw: winner is Andy Thomson

June 2021 Draw: winner is Julian Hartwell

May 2021 Draw: winner is Barbara Hobson

April 2021 Draw: winner is Ron Hall

March 2021 Draw: winner is Martin Townsend

Life is full of surprises, and being guardians of an old building presents its own challenges. There was a time when we were able to run the Club solely on the subscription revenue but that is no longer possible. Gone are the days when the profit on the Bar and Catering funded maintenance and repairs.

When our lease came up for renewal there was a long list of costly issues that needed to be addressed. Fortunately, we had a small group of dedicated members who volunteered to help with many of these projects thus saving the Club large sums of money. Your Committee therefore decided to seek ways of avoiding such difficulties in the future by tackling such work on an on-going basis. We therefore launched the NLRC 100 Club.

You could be a major help by being part of this way of raising funds for the Club.

This monthly lottery raises funds in support of our joint enjoyment of the NLRC and pays out 50% of funds raised in prizes. The money raised is spent on specific projects that participants of the lottery help identify and prioritise. Members and their friends are welcome to take part and people can subscribe for one or more places.

Rules and Arrangements (As of February 2021)

  • Participants pay £10 per month by Standing Order to be entered into the monthly draw. Fifty percent of your donation goes towards the prize fund and 50% to support Club projects. The draw is open to members of the NLRC, as well as friends and family.

  • For 2021, the 100 Club runs initially for 10 months from March to December 2021. The draw is on the 5 th of each of these months. Participation gives you membership of the NLRC 100 Club and a vote in the projects to benefit from the funds raised.

  • The prize fund goes to a single winner each month.

  • Winners are contacted individually, and results are posted on the Club’s website and social media*.

  • Club arrangements and rules are determined and may be varied by the NLRC Committee and are posted on the NLRC website.

Taking part:

  • To join the 100 Club, NLRC members and friends can join by paying £10 a month which must be via Standing Order. To be eligible for the monthly draw, the payment to the 100 Club funds needs to reach the NLRC 100 Club account by the 1 st of each month of participation.

  • Contact the Treasurer on treasurer@nlrc.org and he will issue you your 100 Club Membership Number. Please also give him your bank details for payment of any winnings (or payment can be made to your NLRC tab account if you prefer).

  • Set up a Standing Order through your bank:

To set up a Standing Order, please ensure that your £10 payments are made by the 1 st of each month to the Club’s account:

Business name: North London Rifle Club

Sort Code: 20-35-35

Account number: 63649598

Reference: 100ClubMembershipNumber (example: 100Club663)

* If you would prefer to be contacted by post, or wish to opt out of having your name on the Club’s website or social media, this can be arranged upon request to the Treasurer.