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NLRC news email number 70 – 22.1.21

If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to or a text or call on 07536 995194. I would love to hear from you.


If you have visited our webpage recently you will have noticed a new look. Many thanks are due to Jamie Allum for revamping it.

Going forward, if someone would like to act as our Webmaster and look after the webpage, that would be great! Please get in touch with me. People like the Stewards and Club officers are responsible for updating their bits of the website but we need someone who will help them with the technicalities and generally co-ordinate.

Hon. Treasurer

The club is looking for a volunteer to become its Treasurer. Given the division of work with the book keeper, Accountant and Hon. Inspector and the adoption of an on-line payment system, the role of Treasurer is not too onerous.

The club’s book keeping has been moved to Sage software and is currently being done by our accountants, P G Fry & Co. The Treasurer would oversee the book keeping and the preparation of the Accounts. The Treasurer is the main signatory for making payments on behalf of the club and this is now mostly done on line. The Hon. Inspector, a separate post, provides an independent overview of the Accounts. The Treasurer is one of the club’s officers and a member of the Committee.

Please contact me on or the current Treasurer on if you would like to hear more.

Shooter Certification Cards for 2021

The NRA has kindly provided cards for those members who have requested a card through the club. I will drop the cards off at the clubhouse when the virus permits and members can ask the Stewards or a committee member to issue their cards when they visit.

Upcoming events

Sadly, the NRA’s Covid update says that all ranges are closed until further notice with a hoped for re-opening in mid-March.

Club History

The Club published an illustrated history covering the period from its founding to 1988. A limited number of copies are still available. If anyone would like one, please let me know and I will put a copy aside at the clubhouse for you to collect when the virus permits. A small contribution to club funds would be welcome but is not required.

Norman McCaw

The other day, going through some of the things stored at the clubhouse, we found several boxes of Norman McCaw’s things. These include his shooting awards, historical copies of the Bisley Bible and other booklets and papers. It doesn’t look as though anyone has touched them in many years. Given the limited space at the clubhouse, if any member of the club would like to have any of these things, they would be very welcome.

Clubhouse closure for winter

The clubhouse is now closed for the winter except for pre-booked events. If you want to discuss booking an event, please contact the Stewards.

Even when the clubhouse is closed for the winter, members would still normally have access to the facilities through the Ladies Lounge door and to the Gunroom and Reloading Room. However, the clubhouse is fully closed during the current Tier 4 lockdown. Any member requiring access should contact the Stewards or me.

Contacting the Stewards

When permitted by the virus rules, for accommodation bookings the preferred contact method is to use the online accommodation request form on the website under Facilities > Accommodation.

Other ways to contact the Stewards on accommodation or any other matters are:

Using Facebook messenger from the Stewards’ Facebook page at

Email to

Last resort is the club landline at 01483 473117 which also has an answerphone capability.

The Stewards will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. They aim to respond to emails etc. within one working day (Wed-Sun). This may be longer during the closed season. If you have had problems contacting them, please contact me on or a text or call on 07536 995194.


Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman


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If you no longer wish to receive copies of future news emails from the club, please email me at or leave me a note at the clubhouse.