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NLRC news email number 82 – 8.3.22

If you have any points you would like to make about this (or the club more generally), please send me an email to I would love to hear from you.

Probationary training

The club ran a Probationary training course on 19 February. Members from age 15 to those of more mature age attended this course. All passed the test at the end comfortably. They all had some previous shooting experience. Jon France, Chris Barker, Guy Blakeney and I ran the course.

This time, the course included a new module on High Muzzle Energy firearms/ammunition prepared by Jamie Allum. This module can be available as a separate, standalone thing for more experience shooters wanting to progress towards adding “HME” to their Shooter Certification Cards.

These courses are open to all members of the club including probationary, youth and family member classes.

Sadly, the planned shoot (the day after the course) was cancelled due to NRA range closures caused by the Camp-wide power outage.

Training Officer

A volunteer is sought for this position to co-ordinate and manage the club’s training offerings and especially the probationary training after I stand down as chairman in April. Anyone interested should contact me on

Veranda furniture

The new veranda furniture has arrived, including the Nick Jeffs commemorative chair. When you next visit the clubhouse, please take the time to have a look. Please consider sponsoring an item of furniture (details emailed separately).

Gunroom dampness

Our gunroom is an old facility, partly below ground level. Dampness is inevitable. Dehumidifiers were installed some time ago. Gunroom walls were selectively treated with a waterproof coating. However, for the last few months, there have been higher levels of dampness. A persistent leak from the bar was identified and rectified. There is at least one other problem which has resulted in water ingress to the gunroom. Investigation, including CCTV survey of the clubhouse drains, suggests that the cause or causes lie(s) outside the North’s control. Recently, the NRA have (twice) cleared a storm water drain blockage in their system at the rear of the clubhouse. They have also repaired drainage and mains water supply faults uphill from the clubhouse. Nevertheless, the water ingress into the gunroom continues intermittently. Work to identify cause(s) and resolve the problem continues. In the meantime, if you use the gunroom for storage, please remember it is prone to dampness and, for example, keep unprotected steel parts oiled.

Upcoming events

Remember that shooting with the club is subsidised by about 25% making it a very economical way to do your shooting!

The website now includes a calendar where members can see events and key dates. It is at

The NLRC’s next shoots will be:

19.3.22 Saturday all day MR and F Class 1100 & 1200x Contact Hattie on or Adrian on as appropriate.

2.4.22 Saturday morning GR/MLP Winans A 25x. Contact me for details on

17.4.22 Sunday afternoon F Class / McQueen / Any Rifle Short Siberia 200x. Contact Adrian (F Class) or me (McQueen / Any Rifle) for details on or as appropriate.

This year, the club’s Spring and Summer Guest Days will be held on Saturday 14 May and Saturday 27 August and will include open range and gallery shoots and a barbeque or similar. The Wappenshaw (also a guest day) will be on Saturday 3 December and will include open range and gallery shoots and the club’s Christmas dinner.

Cubicle accommodation

Just a reminder – by prior arrangement with the Stewards, clubhouse cubicle accommodation is available to members and guests even during the winter closed period – and not only at the weekends!

Storm Eunice

As mentioned above under Probationary training, there was a Camp-wide power outage from the morning of Friday 18th February until the evening of Sunday 20th February. The NRA suspended all shooting on its ranges for the duration.

The clubhouse was without power. Note that when we are without mains power for longer than our back-up batteries can supply, the Gunroom doors, normally electronically controlled, are manually locked and access is only possible with the assistance of the Stewards.

Clubhouse closed for winter and re-opening date

The clubhouse is now closed for the winter except for pre-booked clubhouse events and cubicle accommodation, and the Gunroom and Reloading Room. The date for the clubhouse to re-open is Friday 18th March. If you want to discuss booking a clubhouse event, please contact the Stewards.

Even when the clubhouse is closed for the winter, members will still normally have access to the facilities through the Ladies Lounge door and to the Gunroom and Reloading Room as usual.

Contacting the Stewards

For accommodation bookings, the preferred contact method is to use the online accommodation request form on the website under Facilities > Accommodation.

Other ways to contact the Stewards on accommodation or any other matters are:

Using Facebook messenger from the Stewards’ Facebook page at

Email to

Last resort is the club landline at 01483 473117 which also has an answerphone capability.

The Stewards will normally be available between Wednesday and Friday from 0900 to 1700 and Saturday and Sunday 0800 to 2000. They aim to respond to emails etc within one working day (Wed-Sun). During the winter this will more likely be up to a week. If you have had problems contacting them, please contact me on or a text or call on 07536 995194.


Christopher Leighton

NLRC Chairman

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