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Dear member,

I should open this email by thanking our current (shortly, outgoing) treasurer, Nigel Burnip, for his work over the last three years. Nigel took on the role temporarily in 2020, but was good enough to continue throughout that year, into 2021 to see us out of Covid times, and then through 2022 as we reworked the committee structure and took on our new clubhouse managers, providing continuity exactly when we needed it. However, three years is plenty more than “temporary”, so Nigel is looking to hand over as of the 2023 AGM in April and we are therefore looking for a volunteer.

Firstly, this does not have to be a long-term commitment. Looking ahead we have a keen future candidate, so this shouldn’t be more than a two-year stint unless you want it to be.

Secondly, Nigel has overseen several changes that make life much easier: online banking, online payments, a package which automates the handling of staff and clubhouse expenses & purchases, and presently the introduction of a new accounting package that talks directly to our till and membership database, as well as better handling the financial quirks of a club of our nature. We also have an existing bookkeeper, so there is no requirement to cover this.

The role is therefore a lot less laborious than treasurer jobs of old, and more about actively managing the budget and how we fund our ongoing imporvements to the club. It also doesn't need years of financial experience or complex understanding of accountancy or banking; someone with business awareness or experience would be ideal, and/or someone looking to build experience running the finances of what is effectively a small bar/hotel with a shooting club on the side. There is an need for some IT literacy, with most of the role now being electronic and online (including most of our meetings, i.e. no need for travelling to sit around a table). Again nothing extreme; if you’re familiar with Office and able to get to grips with typical business software then you’d be fine.

There’s only so much a non-treasurer can say, and only so well that an all-members message can convey it, so if you’re interested, or if you’d like to find out a bit more to decide whether you’re interested, then please get in touch with Nigel who can tell you more about what the job involves: 


Adam Leech