Chairman's Welcome

On behalf of the North London Rifle Club a warm welcome to our website which we hope you will find informative.

Our members have much in common including a passion for their sport of target shooting and a willingness to share that enthusiasm with others. Our vision is to provide a centre of excellence for our sport to enable the membership to grow and to maintain our shared values including the joy and challenge of target shooting. We are proud of our growing connexions with schools' and cadet shooting.

Our clubhouse, built by the Club at Bisley in 1904, is well known to both the national and international shooting communities, and is our team's venue for extending the hand of friendship and hospitality. On a summer's day, the veranda of the North London clubhouse is a unique venue for post-shoot evaluation, meeting up with friends or family.

Given the experience of so many members, the Club is a great place to learn how to improve one's personal shooting ability in an informal social atmosphere. If you would like to taste the true experience at the "North" please join me on the veranda soon.

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Adam Leech

NLRC Chairman